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I have earned multiple Coaching certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Group Peak Performance, Accelerated Learning, Provocative Coaching, Ericksonian Hypnosis & Emotional Intelligence issued by International Association of Professional Coaches, The American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Continuing Coach Education (by International Coach Federation) and NLP Coaching Academy.

I have uniquely designed ‘Mpowerment 4 Xcellence’ (M4X), a coaching program for Empowerment and Success in life. Based on years of experience & research content, I have been successfully delivering ‘M4X’ across various sections of society, amongst many age groups, and empowering many individuals/groups of people. I am a Ph.D. in Consumer Behavior and 23+ years of work experience in different domains like Information Technology, Finance, Sales, and Marketing. I teach management subjects to students of academic institutions as a Guest Faculty and a Lifetime Member of Society for Professional Ethics & Management.

As a strategist, I have been driving business establishments and MNC software companies into success with precise solution blueprints and valuable relationships.

naveen gurusiddaiah

“Luck is the meeting point of your alertness and passing by opportunities.”

My Mission

My mission is to bring in positive transformations through my coaching in many people who aspire to improve, to achieve happiness & contentment in their lives, by enabling them to discover their potentials from within and get empowered to lead a successful and ideal life.

“Kick start competency with empowering confidence.”

My Story

“Science it is then” what my Dad said after asking me what I wanted to choose in my 11th, he put me onto the junior college and I had to go for the admission next day. Few of us met up as we had not since the 10th standard results got announced, “What’s your combination?” asked one of them to the other, “PCMB” came the response, they looked at me and I said “PCMB” neither did I know what it is nor tried to ask.

“Theta” said my junior college Principal as he used to take classes for Physics and he drew a small 0 with something that looked like a Cap on top of the zero. I asked my friend sitting next to me, “Hey! Hi!! What is Theta?” He amusedly looked at me and said “It’s an angle”. Stars were what I was seeing next.

“Naveen?! 13 out of 50” yelled my Chemistry lecturer when she was declaring the results of the Quarterly Exams, having scored 90 out of 100 in Science and Maths in 10th Grade, I could not believe the answer sheet in my hand said 13/50. There must have been a totaling mistake, I thought, and walked up to my lecturer and said, “Madam! There must be a totaling mistake”. She gave a stare “For the marks, you have scored, do you think I should put efforts to check the total?!?” The impact of her statement made me feel worthless and that worthlessness made me decide not to fail in any subject anymore.

During the upcoming 24 months, I built a relationship with both the subjects, had scored 84 in Physics, and 87 in Chemistry when my 2nd PU or 12th results got announced.

“Empowerment makes optimistic people transform, what pessimists consider non-transformable.”

Two traffic cops marking the vehicle position on the road after an accident had already occurred at the crossroads, I didn’t want to go further and take risks, moved my brand Suzuki Shaolin motorbike towards the side of the pavement to place entire weight on my left leg. A loud screeching sound from right drew my attention to a carrier vehicle fast approaching towards me, before I could realize anything, it banged into so hard that it tippled and fell on me, the crash guard of my motorbike held it from crushing me. A crowd gathered to pull me out, I could see my right leg dangling with no control or sensation, “my right leg has broken, so please don’t touch it” I told to a few tried to lift me and take me to the hospital.

Below the knee, we have 2 bones, tibia and fibula, the X-Ray revealed my has broken into 2 and tibia into 11 pieces just below the knee. The surgery went on for 3 hours, they had to put a screw to each broken piece, “Cast stays for 8 weeks!!” said the orthopedic surgeon.

Weeping the next night, I said to my Mother, “Why did I even stand there? Should have moved on,”. “Move on you shall but in life ahead, don’t ponder on what has happened, be strong, be brave to overcome what happened to you,”. That’s the last I had tears, looked at life with fresh perspective, had loads of friends visiting me at the hospital whole day. Someone asked my Father “Is the patient in that room a VIP?”.

I went to the examination hall on crutches, to write my CA Foundation and B. Com–2 exams, and passed. Took 8 months to walk with no support, I brisk walk and jog today.

” Forget existence of trouble to remember your path for peace and success.”

“You have an aptitude towards CA professional course, I think you should take it up,” said the Chartered Accountant to whom my Father had taken me for career guidance and I pursued CA before Karnataka State Entrance Test, which I attempted, but with ease, because it was just an attempt and nothing to do with my future as I had already went for CA which didn’t need any entrance exam. I joined a leading CA firm to learn the nitty-gritty of accounts and finance domain, established by a lot of acquaintance who proved to be unbelievably valuable in my life.

Completed my B. Com and joined another CA firm to start my internship/article ship, had an ego because of my earlier experience, but the core technical work made me realize, ego adds extra weight and pressure to an already tough and exhaustive competitive life.

The tenure went on 3 years full of hard work, CA examinations, and fun. Joined the student’s association as a volunteer and became the treasurer later, which taught me the art of executing responsibilities and organizing events, these teachings empowered me to take part, organize and manage small to large events in my future career.

Working on accounts, audits, taxes, and studying to appear for serious exams can teach you the art of balancing in life and the importance of perseverance. The relationships I built improved my personality, the friends I made during this phase of my life are my best ones till date.

However, could not qualify CA examinations, the dejection led me to a decision to sign up for MBA in Marketing Management, where I realized choosing passion during the early stage in education is one key to success which you enjoy achieving, I loved studying for my MBA exams and in fact, qualified with flying colors.

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