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Testimonials are an honest and truthful endorsement made by clients who have enjoyed befits and cherished the value obtained. Empowered people have always come forward in sharing their thoughts honestly after successful completion of the M4X Program.

The content and the videos below have come from my clients who came forthwith in sharing their experiences while undergoing the program, and how their lives have got transformed after completing M4X.

After M4X, the first thing I realized is that life is not as complicated as you think it is. You just need to analyse it clearly and break it down. M4X really takes you through the whole process of knowing yourself and it just makes things easier to handle in general. Now I can clearly say I Know myself and I know what I stand for.
Anusha Math
Software Engineer
M4X showed us insights which were in our sub conscious minds but something we never thought about. It was about knowing yourself in a more enlightened way. I feel I have come across so many things about myself in the three day workshop. More importantly, I have learnt how to handle myself in situations which demand calm and quietness.
Saurabh Rathi
Chartered Accountant
M4X was very helpful as it showed us facts about myself which I was completely unaware of. It has given my dreams and goals a proper foundation and a proper blueprint so now I know how to go about in life and how often to work on things to achieve my dreams. I now clearly know why I deal with situations in a particular way and how I need to alter it a bit now. Naveen has made us feel so comfortable throughout the session so much that we count him as our support group now. He is full of positivity and throughout the session he has kept us optimistic and showed us how nothing is impossible if you work hard enough for you. M4X has made my core stronger towards my dreams and my vision of life.
Ayesha Ajani
Technical Associate, S&P Global
M4X was a very different experience for me, it is something that I would remember for the rest of my life. The experience was insightful and very interesting, after completing this program I have realized so many things about me which I did not know before. It made me understand myself better and also encouraged me to make myself a better person. I also learnt about my real values s which make me lead a happyier life. Naveen is an easy person and a wonderful coach to talk to and he has made me understand and realize many things about myself. M4X was a very realizing experience which has helped me a lot.
Samhita Kashikar
9th Grade Student
M4X was so much fun and eye opening. I feel motivated to do everything and have a clear vision of myself. Now I feel like I have a manual for myself and I also realize that I can be much more than what I thought of myself. Naveen is an excellent coach, as he is very patient and helpful with all his coachees. It was a fun, eye opening and learnt a lot from the programme
Priyanka Gurumurthy
B.Sc (Micro Biology) Student
I enjoyed M4X and I went deeper into my mind and learnt more about myself. I felt very happy and satisfied after completing M4X program. Naveen is very a good coach, he made me feel at ease and he is a very good listener and did not interrupt me while I was speaking. He is always eager to know what I have to say and respects my opinions on topics. It was an enjoyable experience for me, throughout this program.
Sharanyae Prashanth
10th Grade Student
I really enjoyed the whole M4X program. It was really helpful in knowing myself deeper and better. I learned about myself that I can do anything that I determine with little motivation.It was really empowering. Naveen is an excellent coach and I thoroughly enjoyed his coaching.
Associate Consultant in Atos Syntel
M4X program was very enlightening, exciting and fun. I feel very confident, motivated and empowered, I have learnt and discovered a lot of things about myself now, be it from negative points to craziest dreams. Naveen is not just an amazing coach to me but he is true guide in empowering lives. It was a wonderful and eye- opening experience .
Chinmayee Matarangimath
MBA - Finance Student
After completing M4X, the first thing is to recognize that there is nothing wrong with not being completely sure about yourself. Secondly, I have sensed a feeling of changes required in me to make myself a better person.
Nidhi Rathi
Finance Professional
M4X made me learn that there is more to me than what I normally understand. Why I am the way I am and knowing my positives and negatives and the things I can work on to make my life even better. It was a true eye opener for me.
Dr. Mahesh Kumar
M4X came to at a right place and right time, having been in my profession for the past 8 years, I was not very clear on my core principles and objectives. M4X came in like a Guru to me and made me to know myself better. The structure of M4X has been designed so well that we never loose focus on the path which the Coach takes us and like all the sessions in the Coaching are very well connected, it makes us feel that every decision what we take in life are also connected to our core principles.
Vinayak Hiremath
Chartered Accountant
M4X has given me clarity of thoughts of things I should be doing and I am not doing, also more about things I really don't want to do, but I am doing it. M4X has given me clarity as to thought process and phases of life where actually I need to concentrate.
Sourabh Gupta
Finance Professional

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